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15th May 2017

As many of you will know aside from running this blog I work as a freelance product and furniture designer and next week I am really excited to take part in something that marries the two together quite nicely – I’m collaborating with Charles Dedman on his ‘make a thing a day’ project.

‘Make a thing a day’ is a platform created by George Winks (aka Temper Studio) back in January 2015 as a personal project. And in the last two years the torch has been passed from one designer maker to the next. The idea being simple; design and make something from start to finish in a single day, and then to repeat this Monday to Friday for a week, constantly sharing the making process through instagram. And then at the end of the week to give away what they’ve made to the people that have been following their journey.

This week I’m working with Charlie on two of his 5 projects; Charlie being a talented young designer maker base out in Hampshire, where he has a studio/workshop in Alton. We’ve been friends for a fair few years, we studied on the same product and furniture design course back at uni and often teamed up to work on projects together back in the day. Since graduating four years ago we’ve gone down slightly different career paths, mine being in more commercial design for large scale production for retailers. Charlie on the other hand has gone down the more craft based route; whilst we were tutored in the whole design process at uni, he wanted to study the craft of woodworking by hand in much more depth and so straight after uni he signed up to a cabinet making course. Since then, as well as being part of their ‘Hot House Team’, has gone on to be shortlisted for a Designers Guild Mark award with his Turner range which is now stocked in Liberty’s – he’s smashing it – check his work out here. For me, my day to day design work is predominately done through 3d modelling software, and so it wasn’t just the nostalgia of uni days long gone that had me jump at the chance to collaborate with him on his MATAD journey, but also the opportunity to get back in the workshop again, actually designing through making!

So keep an eye out over on Instagram to see what we get up to – we’ve already got a few things in mind –  and to be in for the chance of winning what we make all you need to do is follow both Charlie and myself, and then tag a friend in the comments section – good luck!


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The Danish Way – Carlsberg Export

14th May 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited on a trip with Carlsberg to Copenhagen along with a few other male bloggers – this was to be my first sponsored trip away and I was super excited/nervous and didn’t really know what to expect  – but it was an awesome weekend! I had arrived back from New York less than 24 hours before I was due to catch my flight out to Denmark, and its safe to say the jet lag had already kicked in by the time I met up with the group over on paper island, for a pint and some late night food, just a short drive from where we were staying.

The premiss of the trip was for us to experience ‘The Danish Way’; to share with us the key lifestyle pillars of Danish culture which combine to make them the happiest nation on the planet. All in aid of their new campaign, taking things back to roots of the brand and how it all began. Carlsberg was established back in 1847 and its easy for everyone to be caught up by this massive global image that they have and so they want to take it back to their humble beginnings, and share their passion behind their product. Continue Reading


April Showers – H&M Studio SS17

14th April 2017

It’s that time of year again when all everyone wants to do is chuck on a pair of shorts, whip out their legs and lay in the sun – last weekend was glorious and that is exactly what I did – topping up my drastically depleted reserves of vitamin D whilst enjoying a couple of beers. However, the good old British weather always fights back and the big grey dome has officially resurrected itself over London for the easter weekend. A couple of weeks ago, B and I headed over to the Barbican to shoot this post and as soon as we arrived the heavens opened, but . . . I kind of think it made the shoot a little better – silver linings and all!

This entire look (except the Reebok classics of course) was from the H&M Studio SS17 collection. I only heard it about it through social media on the day it launched, and panic-bought far too many things online, but this is what I settled on. For me the whole Continue Reading


Grüum – Skincare

22nd March 2017

Grüum -

Grüum -

Grooming products – I very rarely stray from what I know works best with my skin, and only then, when said new product comes highly recommended from a friend – particularly if that friend has good skin. Mine is a nightmare and will flare up if I use something chemical based or too greasy – and so I usually play it safe and stick to what I know best. However, a few weeks ago Grüum got in touch with me; I checked out their products online and thought their ethos sounded interesting, after a little more delving I decided to give them a try. Continue Reading


House of Plants

13th February 2017

House of Plants -

House of Plants -

House of Plants -

House plants – B and I have far too many! I think the last time I counted, we had about 20, just in our living room, but we just keep buying more and more. Adding a bit of greenery can really transform a space, it just makes it feel so fresh and alive. For me it’s all about the potted ‘living’ plants; whilst fresh flowers are great, I do just think there’s something really sad about watching them wilt and slowly die – and I guess what I love most about plants is nurturing them and watching them grow. Each one has its own kind of personality and requirements, and I find it so rewarding when I finally work out how best to tend them. Our Oxalis for example can suffer a little neglect and bounce back pretty quickly, it’s the same with Penny, the Chinese Money plant (yes… some of them have names), but if you forget about one of the ferns for too long it’ll throw a tantrum and drop all it’s leaves – they really make you work for it! Continue Reading