Make a thing a day – Shaker Box

17th May 2017

Here it is . . . the result of my first collaboration with Charles Dedman, for his ‘Make a thing a day’ project. As I said in my previous post last weekend, I am collaborating with an old friend for two of his five days of making. The idea being to make one thing every day for a week. We finished this first piece earlier on this evening, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling pretty proud of how it turned out – its been a fair while since I’ve had the chance to do some hands on making, and it feels so good to be back in the workshop again!

So, if your wondering what this is, its a Shaker box – a handmade, steam bent storage box, pinned into place by copper tacks, traditionally used as a pantry storage container. The process of making them is a simple one, and has been around for centuries, all be it that you have the right equipment, a steamer, a planer and a ban-saw. You start by cutting out the components; steam the wood (cedar in this case) so that it softens and becomes more supple, then mould it round a jig until it stiffens, and then tack it into postion. Next, you cut a base to fit and pin it into place using small bits of dowel – then you repeat this process to get the lid – like I said, a super simple process, and so satisfying to complete.

As with all of the things Charles makes this week, our shaker box is up for grabs – click through to his instagram here, and you’ll find all you need to know on how to enter, the results are drawn on Sunday the 21st of May! I’m back in the workshop with Charlie again tomorrow, where we’ll be making another object for you to win – thats if I can part with it myself, ha. Anyway, below is a chronological photo-story of the making process from today, enjoy.

Good Luck, and as always ta for reading





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    Loved this post Aaron – such a handsome box!

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