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    5th June 2020

    original image by @visualsbypierre

    This is not a new fight, it predates us all, but we need to make sure it does not outlive us, so we must build an ongoing dialogue. As a white male living in Britain; I acknowledge my undue privilege and insist we must do better as a society, from overt acts of hate to ‘routine’ microaggressions – we need to stamp this out.

    It has never been right to remain silent on the subject of institutionalised and systemic racism, but now more than ever it is impossible to ignore the bravery we are seeing from so many, and it is imperative that we find that bravery within ourselves to speak up, address these injustices, have those difficult conversations, internally reflect and decisively educate each other – ignorance is bliss only for those without courage.

    There has been a vast amount of content shared online over the past week, and it is easy to miss things on social media, so I have created an online document to help share the things I have found most insightful and informative, please see below:


    I encourage you to share

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