Wet Shaving & Fresh Eyes

23rd September 2015

Face & Eyes

As I’ve mentioned before I don’t have the best skin, it’s over sensitive to anything I put on it – which usually means I avoid experimenting with new products. However, I still haven’t got round to replacing my electric shaver, and I got my Lush Princes Shave cream taken from me whilst going through security on my way back from Edinburgh – apparently your only aloud one clear bag of liquids in hand luggage, I had three. I honestly don’t have much facial hair at all, I couldn’t grow a beard or anything, but if I didn’t shave I would just end up looking a bit of a mess. I got sent these Avéne products a month or so ago and started using them instead, they were all for sensitive skin and I thought why not – and I haven’t stopped using them since. Although it does take longer than using an electric one, there’s something really nice about having a wet shave every morning, but it does mean if I’m running a bit late and don’t have time I have to put up with a bit of stubble. The shaving foam is really good; it doesn’t seem to irritate my skin, same with the aftershave balm. I do enjoy using the thermal water spray, its supposed to help sooth the skin after shaving, but to be honest I’m not sure if it really does anything – I’ll use it until I’ve run out, but I won’t necessarily buy it again when I do.

The eye cream was a gift from my sisters, they both use it and swear by it. I put it on right before I go to bed, its called It’s Potent! by Benefit, who I know brand it as a women’s product, but it works just the same for men. So if you’re like me and get really bad dark eyes when your not getting enough sleep and burning the candle at both ends, then definitely try this out, it leaves you looking a bit fresher when you wake up!

Face & Eyes

Face & Eyes

Face & Eyes

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  • Reply Olly Samson 10th October 2015 at 11:13 am

    I really like it when you do this kind of post, I never know what stuff to use on my face as I have really sensitive skin too, and this stuff isn’t too pricey either

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