Shiny new things

18th January 2017

Shiny new things -

Evening all, I’m currently writing this post on what is said to be the most depressing day of the year – the 3rd Monday in January. I’m not one for wallowing, or willingly accepting, negativity and I’m not quite sure why this day is supposed to be worse than others but it’s fair to say it feels kinda spot on! For the first couple of weeks of the new year it seems we’ve all set off towards new goals (myself included) and have been walking around feeling so on top of life . . .  but . . . I’d be lying if the post-Christmas blues haven’t started to set in. The dread of having nothing to look forward to up until Easter is closing in, and my positivity suffered quite a battering when I filled out my invoice for December and realised that I’d had almost two weeks off over the festive period. Thats one light pay packet and squeaky tight February for to me look forward to! However, I will not succumb, January is for revitalisation (if your doing dry Jan) and positivity (compulsory) and so to cheer myself up I thought I would look back and share a few of my favourite gifts from this Christmas. 

Shiny new things -

Crookes Radiometer

First off I will start with this glass curiosity; initially I wasn’t sure what it was called but after a little research I found out, the Crookes Radiometer. The first time I came across one of these was in the stationary shop down on Columbia Road and I’ve wanted one ever since – not really sure why but I guess I just find it quite relaxing to watch. It’s essentially a weather vane in a semi-vacuume, inside a glass bauble. The metal parts being painted black on one side and when the sun shines onto to Radiometer the photons heat up the black side of the metal which causes the vane to spin. Initially they were used to measure light radiation but for me it serves no purpose whatsoever, I just love it. The perfect thing to watch whilst thinking about life’s larger problems, and a nice little reminder of how amazing science can be.

Shiny new things -

Urbanears Plattan ADV Headphones

In the past I’ve always stuck to the good old Apple earphones but since receiving these Urbanears just before Christmas I’m a massive convert. I guess I always stuck to earphones because I liked being able to change the song without pulling my phone out of of my bag all the time. However these bad boys have a touch sensitive command control pad on the side of the headphones, and its pretty intuitive – swipe up to increase volume, swipe down to decrease, forward to skip a song – you get the point, super convenient. And then, they’re wireless (bluetooth) and have a built in microphone, so as versatile as earphones, but with a much better sound.

Shiny new things -

Buena Vista Social Club

This is actually the first proper vinyl I have ever owned, I love listening to music but have always stuck to downloads rather than buying it in its most tangible form. B bought me this after heard this album playing whilst at the top of the new Tom Dixon bar one evening in Hong Kong during our recent trip to the Far East (post to follow soon I promise), and I absolutely loved it. I know its been around for a while, but its the first time I had sat down and listened through the album. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Buena Vista Social club was recorded back in 1996 by some of the leading musicians in Cuban music from back in the 1950’s-60’s. It’s a cracking album, so so easy to listen to, with such a happy and dare I say productive vibe about it – if you haven’t heard it, do!

Shiny new things -

Versace Dylan Blue

Every year, without fail, my Mum buys me a fragrance for Christmas – usually Burberry Touch – but this year I asked for something different. Now, I’m sure I’m not the only person who loves having their own unique scent; and I can go off a fragrance pretty quickly when I start smelling it on every other guy on the tube, and pair that with being super fussy I often find it heard to find one I like. However, this is my new staple – I love it – it’s Versace’s newest fragrance, so low risk of bumping into someone else wearing the same thing. I guess what I liked most about it is the fact that it’s sweet with out being feminine, but has an under tone of pepper and papyrus wood to give it a musky masculine scent. Next time your in duty free, i recommend giving it a sniff!

Shiny new things -

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k

Right, last but not least is the book I was given by Pop and I’m only about 20 pages in so far but I’m already enjoying it. I normally exclusively read fantasy books, I’m all about the escapism, and so for me this is very, very different. I’ve never read this type of pep book before and I honestly didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, but it really is an easy read, the sort of book you can pick-up read a quick chapter and return to a few days later. It is quite literally about chilling out and not taking life so seriously. Basically in life (and we’re all guilty of it), we get so worked up about everything and anything, we get anxious about letting people down, we put up with things/people we really shouldn’t have to – and this book is all about letting go, stepping back and thinking do you know what fuck that I don’t care – “see ya later pal” – that kind of thing. So if your a people pleaser, an unnecessary stresser or suffer from a little anxiety, pick up this book – if you don’t find yourself nodding in agreement whilst reading, you’ll at least find it funny.


Ta for reading all


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    The weather vane is very unusual, don’t think I’ve seen one in a modern setting ever. I can imagine it being relaxing / distracting to watch.

    Buckets & Spades

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