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Pick Me Up

5th July 2015

Pick Me Up

I always need my coffee in the morning, as much as most people, but sometimes a hot drink doesn’t always hit the spot. Me and my housemate Poppy make a lot of smoothies and always keep a stock of chopped banana in the freezer, and although I have used coconut, if you don’t have any to hand you could always leave it out. This recipe makes enough for two glasses, so just halve the ingredients if you need to.

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up

I often have this before going to the gym, or as a pick-me-up if I’m feeling tired throughout the day. The mix of the caffeine from the coffee and the natural energy found in bananas keeps you going for ages.


2x Bananas chopped (frozen or fresh, depending on preference)

1 Tbs of Honey

50g of fresh Coconut

100ml of chilled Espresso or cold brew

50ml of Regular Milk or Coconut Milk


Blitz it all together in a food processor and drink straight away.


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  • Reply Matilde Swan 1st September 2015 at 4:33 pm

    This looks soooo yum, I must give it a go. Loving the pictures too, I really like all the photography on your blog and instagram.

    Good Job

    Matilde x

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