Shiny new things

18th January 2017

Shiny new things -

Evening all, I’m currently writing this post on what is said to be the most depressing day of the year – the 3rd Monday in January. I’m not one for wallowing, or willingly accepting, negativity and I’m not quite sure why this day is supposed to be worse than others but it’s fair to say it feels kinda spot on! For the first couple of weeks of the new year it seems we’ve all set off towards new goals (myself included) and have been walking around feeling so on top of life . . .  but . . . I’d be lying if the post-Christmas blues haven’t started to set in. The dread of having nothing to look forward to up until Easter is closing in, and my positivity suffered quite a battering when I filled out my invoice for December and realised that I’d had almost two weeks off over the festive period. Thats one light pay packet and squeaky tight February for to me look forward to! However, I will not succumb, January is for revitalisation (if your doing dry Jan) and positivity (compulsory) and so to cheer myself up I thought I would look back and share a few of my favourite gifts from this Christmas.  Continue Reading


Time flies by . . .

8th January 2017

Time Flies By


I hope everyone’s had a cracking NY, B & I decided we would head to the Kentish Coast for a couple of days and stay with our friends down in Margate – I bloody love that place, its so refreshing to be back by the sea and it’s easy to switch off and forget about reality back in London. Being a freelancer, I had to squeeze in a couple of days work between Christmas and the New Year, so we travelled down on the 30th and stayed right up until the 2nd; all we did was chill – just roaming around, poking in and out of vintage shops, cooking nice food and laying in until late morning every single day – bliss!

Now I know I’ve been off the radar, so to speak, over the last few weeks, but I’ve had a hell of a lot going on in my private life. Whilst I had intended to do all sorts of posts for Christmas, my head has just been in a different space and I’ve not been able to sit down and write since I arrived back from my trip to the far East – not to mention the general hysteria, and compulsory socialising of the festive period. In all, 2016 was a great year for me, I’ve finally found a job I love (it’s been 8 months and the honeymoon feeling still hasn’t worn off), I’ve managed to travel so much, I’ve met some amazing people and now I’m finally working a Monday to Friday week I’ve been able to spend a lot more ‘quality’ time with the people that matter most to me – excuse the gushy sentimentality. However, literally as the year began to come to an end my family and I have had our fair share of difficult news. Continue Reading


i360 – Brighton

3rd November 2016
i360 Brighton - Day Of Rest

The last couple of months have absolutely flown by for me, it seems as if we have literally jumped from high summer straight through to late Autumn in a heartbeat. I literally cannot believe I am only just getting round to posting about my birthday – it was the second week of September!!!!! For my birthday B had asked to plan my entire weekend, leaving me in the dark and aiming to arrange a series of small surprises. We headed back down to Brighton on the Thursday evening to have a bite to eat with my parents down at riddle and fins on the sea front, and then spent the Friday with my sisters. We started the day with a curried pasty (sounds gross, but tastes incredible) and then after a game of glow in the dark crazy golf we stopped off for lunch down at the Brighton Marina. And then walked west along the coast back towards Brighton seafront, by this point I thought I’d exhausted my birthday surprises for the day, but as we reached the foot of the old West Pier, we came to a stop underneath the i360.

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Autumnal Spirit – Outfit Post

17th October 2016

Autumnal outfit - Day Of Rest

Autumnal outfit - Day Of Rest

For me Autumn is easily the best time of year – yes the days are shorter, colder and a bit wetter, but I still absolutely love it! My favourite thing to do is to go walking through the country, on one of those days when the leaves are falling from the trees, there’s no wind, clear blue skies, a warm sun but a definite chill in the air, everything just feels so fresh. With the colder weather the food becomes more heavy and comforting, roasts, puds & pies replace the light summer salads, cocktails are swapped out with mulled wine or a hearty stout. And then there’s the change in wardrobe; we get to pull back out our favourite winter coats, polish off our boots and start layering again – it’s literally the best time of the year!

And so in true Autumnal spirit I thought I would pull together an outfit post as I haven’t done one since I went to Carcassonne back in the summer. Pop helped me shoot these images last weekend when I was back home in Brighton, we were out walking Buzz with Sean & Laura – see Sean’s Vlog here – and it just seemed the perfect place to take some photos. We had a great day, we visited Stamner Park for a walk and a coffee with our friend Kat, found a rope swing (which kept us occupied for about half an hour) and then finally went back to theirs for a game of scrabble, some hot soup and crusty bread – perfect! 

Anyway, now on with the outfit – Continue Reading


Louise Madzia – South East Makers Club

10th October 2016

South East Makers Club

The week before last was the London Design Festival, one of the busiest/most hectic weeks of the year for the product & furniture industry, as I said in my previous post – I definitely made the most of it. Anyway, on the second weekend of the festival was the South East Makers Club; a design trail and series of events, organised by B and a group of his super talented friends. It was their first year running it and from what I can tell they completely managed to pull it out of the bag! On the Saturday, there was a series of talks out in Lewisham, exhibitions in Brockly and then the launch party at the Fat Walrus in New Cross later on in the evening. It was a great – if slightly busy – weekend, we had so much fun, and it was perfectly rounded off on the Sunday with a pub quiz hosted by the South East London Journal and Tom Odell (owner of the O’Dell Store on Calvert Street in Shoredicth) with questions being provided by some of London’s design giants – we came fourth, better than last I guess. Continue Reading