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23rd December 2015

Gift Guide

Christmas is oh so close, everyone seems to be rocking the festive jumper look – myself included – and the shops are absolutely rammed with panic stricken present shoppers. Thankfully I finally finished mine last night on my second visit this week to Oxford Street, but I still have to wrap and pack everything before I head down to Brighton tomorrow afternoon!

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve is always a bit of a hectic one for me, it usually entails a few pints in an assortment of pubs, and then a trip into town for a quick dance and a count down to Christmas day. It’s that one night a year I can always guarantee I will bump into almost all of my oldest friends; its great but you do have to make sure you don’t over indulge in one too many bears, as a hangover on Christmas day is just not worth it. But anyway I thought I would give anyone who’s maniacally stressing over the last bits of their shopping a helping hand, or if not maybe a few things for you to look out for in the January sales.

The jumper I found in Reiss, and its possible the nicest Christmas jumper I’ve found this year; it’s really simple and very far from tacky. It’s the sort of jumper you can wear well into the new year without anyone thinking your clinging onto Christmas. The hat is the exact same one I’ve bought countless times form Primark, its £3 and does the job nicely. Of course I had to throw in another of my RSPB badges, this ones a Great Spotted Woodpecker. The shoes are the Layton Mock Kiltie Loafer, these are my second pair of Weejuns from G.H.Bass & Co. My other pair were the Crepe Tie Loafers, which I absolutely love, but I thought with the standard leather sole this pair could be worn for more special/formal occasions. I really liked the tassels and kilt combination on the front – they’ll look great with a pair of well cut trousers. The uppers are hand stitched genuine leather, and are priced at £125.00 a pair. It seemed appropriate to chuck in a diary/planner as everyone always seems to want to start the new year well organised – no matter if the organisation only lasts until the second week of February.

Good luck with the last of your Christmas shopping and have a good one!

Gift Guide

Gift Guide

Gift Guide


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