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Gifts from New York

5th July 2015

Gifts from New York


Recently my housemates went to New York and brought me back some beautifully packaged tasty treats. I’ve always wanted to go to New York, but have not yet got round to actually going, but after hearing all about it I am even more eager to visit. The idea of Orange and Ginger flavoured Turkey Jerky may not sound too appealing but in reality it was great and really moreish. The Chocolate was actually made from Cacao powder which gave it a slightly rustic bitty texture, but it was just as enjoyable as a good quality dark chocolate (and I imagine, slightly more healthy). However the true winner was Grady’s Cold Brew, we’ve almost used up all the bags. Cold Brew is pretty big in the states from what I understand, and its slowly catching on over here. I love it, I prefer my coffee with milk (to keep those pearly’s white), I’d recommend blue milk.

Gifts from New York

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