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    15th July 2017

    So about a month ago I spent a long weekend in Espanyol with the fam – It was a trip we had actually planned to do the year before to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary, but a couple of things cropped up with the family and we’d had to postpone the trip, but one year on we were once again booking flights and accommodation. I’d never actually been to Madrid before, but on first impressions its just as beautiful as any other southern European city – the colours and architecture were amazing, with the usual winding cobbled streets, tiled shop fronts and swifts screaming around overhead. To say we’d had a year to research and pull together a list of things to do, we did no planning whatsoever! Normally when I’m travelling to a new city, I will plan and research to the point that I know where we’re having breakfast every morning, where’s the best place to grab a coffee and sample the best local cuisine – but I have NEVER been so unprepared for a trip, and unfortunately it’s safe to say we didn’t really make the most on what Madrid had to offer! But whilst there, as usual my camera came everywhere with me, and I really wanted to share the images from the trip – so the below post is more of a photo-story, rather than an in-depth city guide – sorry! Continue Reading

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