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    14th January 2018

    Lisbon, where do I start – I honestly think it’s now my favourite European city! My Aunt and Uncle used to live on the south coast of Portugal, in a small fishing village called Carveriou, so growing up we used to spend almost the entirety of each summer staying with them – and so for me up until last summer, I truly thought I had experienced the best of what Portugal had to offer – oh, I was so so wrong!

    We arrived at the Capital Friday early evening and made our way to our AirBNB – we didn’t go for anything special, just €50 a night, for B & I, whilst it’s nice to splash out and stay somewhere nice, we want to spend as much time as possible exploring the city and soaking up the culture and would rather devote the majority of our budget on the local cusine. As I mentioned Lisbon hadn’t been on my radar, but after hearing about all our friends travels to the city, B really wanted to go and explore for himself. On first impressions it’s as beautiful, if not more so, than most major European cities. Cobbled streets and amazing architecture, but in Lisbon the colours are next level, oranges, deep yellows and blues, it’s one of those places where you could post an image on the hour, every hour. Continue Reading

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