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  • Food Lifestyle

    Rochelle Canteen

    Last week B and I met for lunch at the Rochelle Canteen, I’d never been before but knew a few people who had and decided to give it a try. This place truly feels…

    16th August 2015
  • Food


    I know posting about Piccalilli is a bit bizarre but let me explain – anyone who knows me will confirm just how much I love pie and any form of pastry, my favourite kind…

    5th August 2015
  • Food Lifestyle Travel

    Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

    During B’s and my trip to Copenhagen we came across Torvehallerne, not far from Nørreport station, its a food market shelling out tasty goodness. There are two indoor food stalls packed with different vendors, from…

    2nd August 2015
  • Food Lifestyle

    Bread Ahead

    I’ve always been a keen baker, but have always had trouble when it comes down to bread, I can never make it rise properly and it always seems dense enough that it could be cake.…

    26th July 2015
  • Food Lifestyle

    Pick Me Up

    I always need my coffee in the morning, as much as most people, but sometimes a hot drink doesn’t always hit the spot. Me and my housemate Poppy make a lot of smoothies and…

    5th July 2015