A Handsome Selection

1st March 2016

As a brand Handsome London, draw their inspiration from the quirks and charms of London life; focusing on telling a story through their smart, refined product range. Not only does everything smell insanely good, but the packaging and branding is pretty nice too, really simple and not too fussy. All of their products are made in England, and although at the moment their range is quite small, I’m looking forward to watching them grow, and to see what they come up with next.

I love burning scented candles, but its not always easy to find one that isn’t too sweet or overly floral; handsome have managed to create the perfect smokey aroma, inspired by a moment of calm in the hustle and bustle of city life, combining blends of tobacco, nutmeg and leather. Toil, their body bar, infused with bergamot, coconut and charcoal, is handmade in using traditional soap making processes. Made with the hardest of grafters in mind, the partially ground black pepper corns make it ideal as an occasional exfoliating body scrub. My favourite of these three products by far is their Redchurch fragrance, it’s hand blended in London and smells amazing! They’ve managed to make it a truly masculine scent without it being too musky; using apples and spiced cardamom to give it a slight sweet note and then cedar wood and green tea to give it a warm end note.


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