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13th July 2016

Cocktails - Carcassonne

It’s always this time of year we all pull our shakers from the back of the cupboard and brush up on our cocktail making skills. I’m usually an ale drinker – easily pleased – but when the sun is shining and the temperature rises just over 25 degrees it’s so tempting to crush some ice, mix together some of your favourites and be a little self indulgent. For those of you who haven’t already seen via Instagram or Snapchat (dayofrest), over the past weekend I’ve been in France (post to follow). We’re staying in a small village called Montreal just outside of Carcassonne in the South East of the country.

It’s 32 degrees and I’m currently sat out in the garden by the pool with a glass of the regions finest vino writing this post. This is our second year in a row and once again we’ve spent the week devouring bread, swimming in the lake and throwing together cocktails – and so I thought I would show you three of my favourites. All are simple to make and are based on classics, the ingredients we had in the drinks cabinet and my love for Tequila!




I absolutely love tequila, and if I’m not quite in the mood for a beer, will always go for a tequila soda (fresh) lime. However, this first is a little lighter; based on a classic Mojito, but with the Rum swapped out for Tequila, which does change it up into a completely different drink, yes its limey and minty but definitely not your standard Mojito. It’s slightly less sweet, so we added in a little ginger ale to top it off, rather than filling it to the brim with soda water.

Cocktails - Carcassonne

2 parts Tequila

2 parts Lime Juice – freshly squeezed

10 – 15 mint leaves – fresh

1 part sugar syrup

Ginger Beer – to top

Crushed ice – lots and lots

You don’t actually need a shaker for this one; start by squeezing the lime juice directly into the glass, and then drop the squeezed limes straight into it with the mint leaves and sugar syrup, then muddle these together. Now fill to the top with crushed ice, muddle again and then add the Tequila, muddling once more. Top with the Ginger beer, and garnish with more crushed ice and a sprig of mint leaves, serve with a straw and enjoy.

tip: I’ve also gone for sugar syrup rather than brown sugar, as I feel it mixes together better, but if you don’t have it some, brown or caster sugar should do.

Cocktails - Carcassonne




The second is a Margarita, hands down one of my absolute favourite drinks – the salt and the lime – so good! I would normally just go for a classic, 3 parts Cointreau, 2 parts Tequila and 2 parts lime – but lacking the Cointreau (orange liqueur) we improvised with what we had in hand, and ended up with something more like a Tommy’s margarita, but with pineapple juice to stop it from being too sharp.

Cocktails - Carcassonne

2 parts Tequila

2 parts Lime Juice – freshly squeezed

Sea Salt – a layer on a small side dish

2 parts Pineapple Juice

Crushed ice – lots and lots

For a Margarita you are going to need a cocktail shaker, but if you don’t have one a large jam jar will do just as well. Add a good handful of ice to the shaker, along with the tequila, lime juice (juice only) and pineapple juice, then give a good long shake. Now, run one of your squeezed limes round the rim of your glass, turn your glass upside down and dip the rim into your sea salt 3 or 4 times so that it has an even coating. Fill your glass with crushed ice (careful not to knock off the salt) and then pour the contents of the shaker through a sieve and into the glass. Garnish with a slice of fresh lime or even a chunk of pineapple and sip slowly.

tip: Do NOT try this with table salt, as it really doesn’t work. If your out of sea salt, just leave the rim clean.

Cocktails - Carcassonne




This last cocktail is definitely an acquired taste, and possibly the only alcoholic beverage that’s acceptable to drink before 11am, and is the perfect accompaniment to a late brunch or if your feeling slightly worse for ware. It’s a Bloody Maria – which is essentially a Bloody Mary, but swapping the Vodka out for the Tequila. As with it’s slightly more famous sister you can really go all out; by adding chunks of horse radish, a splash of port or even garnished with some crispy bacon – but I’ve kept this relatively simple.

Cocktails - Carcassonne

2 parts Tequila

4 parts tomato juice – not from concentrate if possible

1/2 a Lemon – juice only

5 dashes of Tabasco

4 dashes of Worcester Sauce

Cubed ice – 1 glass full

Sea Salt – to taste

Ground Black Pepper – to taste

1 stick of Celery

Fill your glass with the cubed ice and then pour over your tequila, lemon juice, tomato juice, tabasco, worcester sauce and then muddle. Now top with more tomato juice if necessary and season with salt and pepper to taste. Obviously you can add more or less of the Tabasco depending on your tolerance to spice, but this is supposed to be a spicy drink – definitely don’t forget the celery!

tip: If you truly want to go all out, add a small grating of fresh ginger and a large grating of fresh horse radish.

Cocktails - Carcassonne

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  • Reply Zoel Hernández 14th July 2016 at 11:42 pm

    Definitely trying all of them VERY soon! I think my favourite one will be the mojito haha as I always love mojitos! Such a nice blog post, I loved it x

    Zoel Hernández |

  • Reply Aaron George D 13th August 2016 at 11:44 am

    Mojito’s are great and so easy to make, thanks Zoel

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