Wash Bag Essentials

24th August 2016

Daily Routine - Campbell Cole

Over the last year or so, looking after my skin has become more and more important to me – I’m certainly not getting any younger for a start – and now that I cycle to and from work, its essential that I look after my skin and cleanse it properly -what with all the road traffic pollution and dirt it picks up from my daily commute.

This summer I’ve truly made the most of finally having my weekends free. B & I seem to have spent more weekends out of London than we have in, be it staying with friends and family down in Brighton or sunning it in the South of France, either way it’s been hectic but so much fun, and I’ve definitely made the most of working 9-5 Monday to Friday. Anyway, as we’ve been so busy I’ve been living out of my wash-bag, not bothering to empty it in anticipation for another weekend away, and so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you what’s in it. Continue Reading


Sunning it in the South of France

17th August 2016
Carcassonne 2016
Carcassonne 2016
Carcassonne 2016
I warn you this is going to be a pretty long one . . .

It feels like an absolute age ago that B & I got back from the South of France, I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this post ever since, but we were there for 9 days and so the amount of images I had to sort through was more than a little daunting – I guess I was a bit too snap-happy with the camera.

It was this time last year that we visited Carcassonne the first time, and we loved it so much that went back again – plus our friend had a beautiful, old town-house, about 15 minutes from the city in a small village called Montreal – so accommodation was sorted. We didn’t land in France until about 5pm and after waiting a couple of hours to sort out the hire car, we decided to spend the first evening settling in, by gorging ourselves on cheese and Continue Reading


Sunnies Shorts & Sandals

3rd August 2016

Carcassonne - Outfit Post

Carcassonne - Outfit Post
I know I still haven’t got round to posting about my trip to Carcassonne a couple of weeks ago – I will soon I promise, there’s just so many images for me to sort through and edit – so here’s an impromptue outfit post which B helped me shoot whilst we were waiting for our friends to finish up in a French Antique store, the lighting was great and we had a fair amount of time to kill whilst they were trawling for treasure. It’s nothing too fancy, but I just really loved these shorts. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before and if I haven’t it’s probably obvious from my other Continue Reading


365 Days Of Rest

26th July 2016

365 Days Of Rest

The last 12 months have literally flown by and it feels like I’ve managed to cram so much in! I’ve gone from living with friends to sharing a flat with B, I’ve visited so many new places, got a new job and have learnt so much about myself and what I want to do.

I finished uni in 2013, and whilst I’d had a few design related jobs when I left, this time last year I hadn’t managed to land myself a full-time design role. Every time I applied for a job, I would be told that I needed more experience (how you’re to get more experience if nobody will give you your first break is beyond me . . . but anyway) and as time crept on I was becoming more and more frustrated. It was this frustration and a combination of other things that made me decide to set up this blog, as a creative outlet whilst I continued hunting for that dream job. A year later and I’m pleased to say that I’ve now got that job but I’m still blogging – because I absolutely love it!

It’s taken me a while to sit down and write this post, I really didn’t know Continue Reading


1 Tequila – 2 Tequila – 3 Tequila – Floor

13th July 2016

Cocktails - Carcassonne

It’s always this time of year we all pull our shakers from the back of the cupboard and brush up on our cocktail making skills. I’m usually an ale drinker – easily pleased – but when the sun is shining and the temperature rises just over 25 degrees it’s so tempting to crush some ice, mix together some of your favourites and be a little self indulgent. For those of you who haven’t already seen via Instagram or Snapchat (dayofrest), over the past weekend I’ve been in France (post to follow). We’re staying in a small village called Montreal just outside of Carcassonne in the South East of the country.

It’s 32 degrees and I’m currently sat out in the garden by the pool with a glass of the regions finest vino writing this post. This is our second year in a row and once again we’ve spent the week devouring bread, swimming in the lake and throwing together cocktails – and so I thought I would show you three of my favourites. All are simple to make and are based on classics, the ingredients we had in the drinks cabinet and my love for Tequila! Continue Reading